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Chris is a third-year Economics undergraduate. He currently holds the role of President and has previously been the Corporate Relations Director for the Glasgow University Trading & Investment Club. In previous years, Chris has organised the London Banking Tour & last year was the Director for the University of Glasgow in launching the Scottish Economics Conference.

Chris van der Merwe
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Alex is a third year Economics student from both Cyprus and Scotland. He is GUTIC’s Vice President. During the summer he spent his time developing GUTIC’s Brand and future direction, aiding the marketing team to develop a strong strategy for the coming years. After university Alex would like to work in Private Banking.

Alexandros Xenofontos
Vice President
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Smaranda is a third year Economics student, aiming for a career in management consulting, asset management, or risk. She has completed an internship at Tesco Supply Chain this summer, reducing operating costs with £10 million, as well as a McKinsey & Co. pre-internship scheme and an internship at the Ministry of European Funds in 2017. In her free time, she enjoys jogging, reading and volunteering.

Smaranda Ioana Camber
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Axel is a second year Computer Science and Mathematics student from Sweden but grew up in Luxembourg. He is GUTIC’s Head of Corporate Relations. During the summer months he spent 16 weeks as a Portfolio Management Intern at a private bank in Luxembourg. After university he would like to work with mathematical finance, preferably at a quant fund.

Axel Stjerngren
Head of Corporate Relations (Companies)
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Caoimhe is a second year Bacc Accounting and Finance from Glasgow, Scotland. She is GUTIC’s Head of Corporate Relations dealing with Alumni. During the summer she attended McGill Summer School, Montreal, Canada. After university Caoimhe would like to start a career in Investment Management or Asset Management.

Caoimhe Cuthbertson
Head of Corporate Relations (Alumni)
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Caroline is a second year Economics, Russian and CEES student from Vienna, Austria. She is GUTIC’s treasurer this year and spent her summer completing two internships; an Accounting internship at Voith in Germany and an internship in Regulatory Reporting at Bank Austria HQ in Vienna. After university she would like to pursue either a career in Consultancy or Finance.

Caroline Marzi
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James is a third year Business and Management student from London, he is GUTIC’s Marketing Director. During the summer months James was developing GUTIC’s brand and marketing strategy for the coming academic year. He also completed a brief internship at the Cabinet Office working within the Infrastructure and Projects Authority. After university he would like to work in Consultancy.

James Finnie
Marketing Director
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Simon is third Year Economics Student from Armagh, Northern Ireland. He is our GUTIC Events Director! Over the summer he worked full time and attended the prestigious Russia-UK Student Economic Forum in Moscow. After University he would like to work in the field of Economic Analysis.

Simon Brown
Events Director
team member


Kirsty is a fourth year Law and Business student from Glasgow, Scotland. She is GUTIC’s Branding Director. During the summer months Kirsty worked in London with EY.

Kirsty Morris
Branding Manager
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Mark is a Computing Science student at Glasgow University, born in Glasgow but grew up in England, Belgium and the United States. He is GUTIC’s IT and Design Manager. Over the summer he was busy getting the GUTIC website up and running, doing some freelance design work and working as a part-time event rigger. After university Mark wants to work as either a Systems Analyst or as an IT Consultant.

Mark Glasgow
Head of IT