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The London Banking Tour

The typical format of a London Banking Tour visit is a one to two hour seminar comprising of a description of the ethos and inner workings of your institution, followed by how to tailor one’s application in accordance to your organisation’s future needs followed by how to tailor one’s application in to stand out in a competitive industry, and finally a Q&A session and/or networking with recent graduates.

Cinque Terre

Ambitious participants

We ask our applicants to demonstrate their commitment and interest in the finance industry through essay questions in the selection process. The applicants are then selected based on their merit, while also taking their other achievements, degree path and year of study into account. The selected participants are those students who qualify as the brightest and most influential for their respective degree disciplines and year of study.


The London Banking Tour is an excellent opportunity for your institution to network and connect with talented and highly motivated students. As one of the largest societies at the University of Glasgow, we are able to provide your organisation with direct access to a large number of students, passionate about the financial industry, from diverse backgrounds and degree disciplines. We are be able to promote your organisation’s opportunities within our society and the wider university of 25,000 students.

Future collaboration

The London Banking Tour is a great way to encourage future recruitment fairs and events at the University of Glasgow. We would be delighted to discuss the possibility of speaker events, panel discussions, FinTech and Women in Finance forums. These events are public to all students and have in the past been successful at the University of Glasgow.

The London Banking Tour has been a great success in previous years and we aim to maintain this high standard. Previous participants of the London Banking Tour include Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Coutts, Morgan Stanley and several more. Most students are interested in a variety of roles within the financial industry and the London Banking Tour provides an excellent insight into the diverse range of roles available.