The Glasgow University Trading and Investment Club is the leading society for those interested in a career in financial services. Our aim is to provide our members with exposure to the key players in the finance industry in order to develop the skills and relationships needed for a successful financial career.

About Us

Glasgow University Trading and Investment Club is a rapidly growing finance society with a strong emphasis on employability and career training. With a continuously increasing membership base of more than 500 students the club aims to act as a bridge between students at the University of Glasgow and City’s top institutions.

GUTIC was founded in 2009, and since its foundation it has evolved from a simple trading club into a more expansive society by broadening our remit to incorporate the financial services industry as a whole.

We aim to educate our members on a vast array of topics about global financial markets and the world economy, to encourage and motivate our members about a career in the financial services industry and to enhance the opportunities and chances for our members to pursue such a career.

Throughout the year, we hold a number of events, such as London Banking Tour, Women in Finance event, Networking sessions, CV and interview workshops. These aim to equip our members with the necessary skills and knowledge, enable them to create links with banks, and improve their employability to help them gain that important internship or graduate job offer.

In order to further raise the calibre of our members, GUTIC has established a trading Fund, which we believe will provide them with first-hand experience in trading and gathering financial research.

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