We organise events where students have the opportunity to meet and network with representatives from a variety of financial institutions.


Through the events we organise students have the opportunity to network with other students and company representatives throughout the year.


We host a number of workshops to improve our members’ employability. These range from mock assessment centres to CV workshops, all offering student led feedback.


Upon completing our investment training our members are able to put their skills to the test through our annual stock pitching event.

What We Do?

As a society that provides education and training services, employability advice and invaluable experiences, we cater for students coming in from all subject areas; today’s modern banks require a plethora of skilled employees. So whether you want to go into investment banking, legal, technology or any other department GUTIC is the right society to come to. Equally, if you are interested in learning more about banking and investing without wanting a career in banking, we can certainly help provide advice and training.

We run training sessions in the first semester of each academic year. Taught by skilled postgraduate students our members learn about investing in the low risk environment of the classroom. In February our members have the opportunity to put their skills into practice in our annual stock pitching event. Judged by leading industry representatives the annual stock pitching event is one the many highlight for our members.

We also organise tours to London and Edinburgh to visit a number of investment management companies and banks. The tours are an excellent opportunity for members to gain an exclusive insight into the working of a modern financial institution.


The Glasgow University Trading and Investment Club (GUTIC) is a rapidly growing finance society with a strong emphasis on employability and career training. With a continuously increasing membership base of more than 500 students the club aims to act as a bridge between students at the University of Glasgow and the City’s top institutions.

GUTIC was founded in 2009, and since its foundation it has evolved from a simple trading club into a more expansive society by broadening our remit to incorporate the financial services industry as a whole.

We aim to educate our members on a vast array of topics about global financial markets and the world economy, to encourage and motivate our members about a career in the financial services industry and to enhance the opportunities and chances for our members to pursue such a career.

  • GUTIC fosters an increased sense of commercial awareness beyond what is taught in a University degree. It allows students with similar interests to meet and provides unique access to company events and accomplished alumni. As a law student, GUTIC has been extremely helpful in allowing me to explore how I can use my law degree in the corporate world and has opened my mind to new potential career paths that I may not have previously considered

    Kirsty Morris
  • Being a part of GUTIC was one of the best decisions I took during my time at Glasgow! The number of GUTIC members getting offers in top banks is a testament to the great work done by the society. Having the privilege to serve the society through my roles as President and Head of Investment Division has helped me meet like-minded and ambitious people and was extremely rewarding. I would highly recommend you join GUTIC - whatever your degree background, level of experience or future career plans, finance will be of some relevance, and GUTIC can help you out!

    Andreas Damtsas, 2017 President
  • During my final year at the University, I had the privilege to serve the Society through my role as Vice President. I had the opportunity to assist in organising as well as take part in events as well as various presentations and networking events. During these events I met like-minded people, boosted my skills, broadened my knowledge and expanded my business network. I cannot recommend joining GUTIC enough; whatever your background is and no matter where your passions lie, there is a place for you within the GUTIC team!

    Aristos, 2017 Vice President

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